Election Integrity is the Primary Issue in this Election!

Who Do You Trust To Handle Your Elections?

-Holly Williams, has taken a firm stance in denying the existence of election fraud in El Paso County

-Holly Williams' husband Wayne Williams, first brought Dominion Voting Systems to Colorado

-Wayne Williams sits as an Advisor to Runbeck Election Services, whom prints our ballots in our County!

-Holly Williams was originally not going to recuse herself from the vote to renew the contract with Runbeck

-Jena Griswold, our Democrat Secretary of State has appeared numerous times in support of Wayne Williams

-When Tina Peters was wrongfully removed from her office as Clerk and Recorder in Mesa County, Wayne WIlliams was put in her place to run their elections.

Can We Afford to Place People in Office Who Are Unwilling to Examine Election Integrity?

Can We Afford to Place People in Office Who Can Not Be Objective in Their Examination of Our Elections?
Just How In Bed Is Wayne Williams?
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