About Lindsay

As a Colorado Native- born and raised in El Paso County, Military wife, and fighter for our Constitutional freedoms, this is the ground work, the rock of my foundation and how I intend to serve the people of this great county. As a Republican, one of the main tenets for the party is that we as Republicans are a party of Servant-Leaders. I intend to be that servant leader. This verse lays the ground work to my decision making. 

NAS Exodus 18:21 "Furthermore, you shall select out of all the people able men who fear God, men of truth, those who hate dishonest gain; and you shall place these over them, as leaders of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties and of tens.

I have served all over the county in a multitude of positions that make me a perfect match for County Commissioner. 10 years of public service, partnered with several years experience as a high level administrator and an aide to the State Legislature. This combination ensures that I understand the interactions of local governance and state officials.

We must have local officials who believe that we are accountable to GOD first, Constitution second and are continually accountable to those they serve.

 I am a pro- life, pro-2nd amendment and pro-freedom administrator who is not afraid to stand against the overreach by our local government into our lives. Let’s put our local government back where it belongs, out of your way and back into the hands of the people.



Issue #1 -Election Integrity

 Ensuring the Authenticity of your vote.

The County Commissioners are responsible per state statue to ensure that our election systems are a true and accurate representation of the peoples voice. Electronic voting systems have been proven to be unreliable and fallible since their introduction to Colorado in 2016. The County Commission has a DUTY to ensure that our systems are legal and reliable. I will vote to move away from Dominion voting machines and back to a more reliable, verifiable and accurate system.

Issue #2-Financial transparency and accountability

Lower Taxes and Fees- A County Commissioner is the main official responsible for spending your Tax dollars that Honors and respects the people. 

We need to evaluate the our current county budget and work to trim the fat before we look to the people for increased taxes. It is the Commissioner’s job to be fiscally responsible with the people’s money. The people of this county deserve to know where their tax money is being spent before we continue to ask for more. We are at a time of massive inflation with no end in sight, Let’s take better account of what we have and use it in a way that benefits the people of this county first.  

Issue #3- Sustainable Growth

Sustainable growth is possible and necessary. However, we need to use county resources in a way that benefits the people of El Paso County first and then think about our residents 40 years down the road, without constantly reacting and being behind. We need to plan to grow! It takes Commissioners that are willing to look out for the people before their own political gain. As your next county commissioner it is my goal to increase the rate at which we are fixing and repairing our infrastructure before we can add more people to an area. We need to fix things as soon as they happen, and not wait until they worsen. We need to put in infrastructure, expand roads, fix our emergency response and then build homes.