• Lindsay Moore

Call To Action: Response Needed Tonight !

Save our Vote at State Assembly.

I have been working tirelessly with many other grassroots patriots who are just as passionate about election integrity, to ensure that your vote at state assembly is run fair and efficiently.

This week i spent Tuesday speaking out at the El Paso County Commissioners meeting, trying to get our paper ballots secured and provided by a vendor who does not have conflicts of interest and issues with security.

This is the same commitment I will make to ensuring safe, fair and efficient elections if elected as your next County Commissioner in District 1.

Fill out this petition tonight, before State Central Committee at 7:00 AM to show your support for Paper Ballots and Hand Counting at State Assembly.

Un-Known and Un-Verified electronic Clickers that are the suggested use items by KBB and The State GOP are unacceptable.

Doesn't it seem like if the Colorado GOP was interested in election integrity, they would use paper ballots and a transparent hand count at their Assembly to delegate candidates to the primary ballots? Learn how Congressional District 8 did it: https://mycoloradogop.org/280-cd-8-s-first-gop-assembly-transparent-hand-counted-election-procedure.

Tell Chairman Kristi Burton Brown you want the GOP to set an example of integrity! https://coloradopatriots.net/Home/Petition

Fill out this Petition to tell the Colorado GOP that We the People want Paper Ballots at assembly!

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to the Great State of Colorado! -Lindsay Moore

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