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El Paso County Needs Your Help

Primary Elections Are 50 Days Away!

Primary Season is Upon Us, and I Need Your Help!

Every election is seemingly the most important election of our lifetimes, and this year truly is a critical time in our countries path forward. The current administration at the local, state and national level have sent our country spiraling out of control, and even our own Republican elected officials are standing by, watching it happen with very little fight! The "establishment" Republicans who have held office in El Paso County for years have proven to be ineffective in protecting their constituents. From failing to plan for the rapid growth of Colorado Springs, Monument and surrounding areas leading to critical infrastructure issues, to bending to the will of the state without putting up even a fight surrounding issues like Election Integrity, COVID and Parental Choice. Our County Commissioners have failed us. If you are fed up and you're ready for real leadership, please support my campaign today.


I Need Your Help

Our County Commissioners are responsible for the direction and growth of our County. Every dollar of your taxes given to the county are entrusted to these elected officials to spend. Have they shown fiduciary responsibility? Have they spent your money in a way that impacts your life in a positive way? Have they fought for you, instead of just throwing up their hands and saying "Its out of our control" ? If your answer to any or all 3 of these questions is NO, then it is time for a change!

The Establishment Republicans are never shy of wealthy donors, trading money for favors and seats at the table.

They believe they can buy races.

It may have worked in the past, but the public is seeing that the "establishment" Republicans are not representatives of the people.

How do I know?

Donald Trump Endorsed Candidates have gone UNDEFEATED in the primaries thus far.

Our County needs America First candidates who stand on the side of the people, who fight for the people!

Who don't trade favors in lieu of what is best for the people.

That does not mean, however, that I don't need your valuable donations to help win the fight!

I Need You

We need financial support to keep up the fight! And while I wont offer to trade your donations for favors and seats at the table.

I will promise that your donation:

- Will never be spent frivolously or lavishly.

- Will go directly toward campaign expenses.

And when I'm elected I promise to reward your generosity by fighting for you with all my Heart, Soul and Mind!

sDonate Today!

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