• Lindsay Moore

Fighting For Liberty

Do You Have Leaders Who Represent YOU? El Paso County seems to have an epidemic of Republican leaders that no longer believe in You the people to govern yourselves.

El Paso County also has a commissioner who does not believe that We the People should change our voting systems and allow the people access to their vote.

The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, and if the El Paso County Commissioners call themselves a constitutional body of local authorities, they should follow the document they claim to profess. "WE Believe that we are a Party of Servant Leaders!"

(quoted from the El Paso County Republican Stance).

Your Vote, is exactly that. Yours!

On Tuesday, March 8th, Holly Williams told a group of 40 people that she would not remove the dominion machines and after much outcry from the people who WANT to audit their VOTE and get RID of the machines, backpedaled and stated that it would be too expensive.

When the People Speak, I Listen.

I spent 7 days in Maricopa County, working tirelessly alongside my fellow Patriots to uncover the fraud that had occurred in the 2020 elections, and I am dedicated to make sure that the exorbitant amount of voter fraud seen around the county does not appear in our county.


I know firsthand what it looks like to have your voice stolen from you.

My Promise to you is this. I will not remain quiet when you have concerns. I will be a voice of the people I serve.


I will call for the removal of Dominion voting machines. No one should ever keep you the people from auditing and looking at your vote. We need leaders who represent you, filled with Integrity, Honesty, Leaders who work for you, not for their husband's pocket books. My Foundation is in THE LORD and His example of Biblical Leadership. Service to others is at the core of Biblical Leadership, not self, which is the foundation of our country. -Founding Fathers.

I am asking for your vote at Assembly for Commissioner District 1

Vote Lindsay Moore!

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