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As the True Republican Conservative Candidate on the ballot June 28th, my focus is on truly representing the people and the concerns they have. I have walked the streets and met with the everyday folks, and the number one thing I hear the most is this, "No one hears me, and no one listens!" My # 1 job as your next County Commissioner is to represent the will of the people. That is the PRIMARY JOB of a public servant. People over politics. I do not have a political agenda, and I have not used our county and state government to enrich my family for the last 10 years at the expense of the tax payers. Holly Williams has been on the county payroll since 2012 where she was appointed. That's 10 years of living off your tax dollars. It is time to elect real, hardworking American's who understand the needs of the people. That is why we need your help. My campaign is not funded by big corporations and millions of mystery dollars, its funded completely by the people. Every little bit helps our campaign reach more people. Donate now to help us reach more people before June 28, or volunteer for the campaign. We need you in order to win June 28th! Make sure to donate, volunteer and most importantly VOTE LINDSAY MOORE for County Commissioner District 1.


Please join us at Black Forest Brewery on May 26th from 6-8pm for a Town Hall meeting with Lindsay Moore. We will discuss critical issues in El Paso County with an emphasis on issues surrounding Black Forest.

Drinks and food will be available for purchase, this is a free event, but we ask that you support our host.

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