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Reactive Vs. Proactive

El Paso county is growing at a rate that is making most resident heads spin. If you are like me, you might be looking around and wondering, how are we going to sustain this? Why are our roads not being fixed before we put more people on them? How can our county, that is busting at the seams support this many new residents this fast?

I am on the ground listening to the concerns of the residents. This weekend, I was introduced to a young man who had moved here from Alaska two years ago. He stated to me, "The roads here are terrible, they are worse than Alaska, and Kansas, and Idaho. Let me ask you how do you feel about being behind Alaska?"

Tell me your thoughts?

How do you want to grow ?

Sustainable growth is possible and necessary. However, we need to use county resources in a way that benefits the people of El Paso County first and then think about our residents 40 years down the road, without constantly reacting and being behind. We need to plan to grow!

It takes Commissioners that are willing to look out for the people before their own political gain.

As your next county commissioner it is my goal to increase the rate at which we are fixing and repairing our infrastructure before we can add more people to an area. We need to fix things as soon as they happen, and not wait until they worsen. We need to put in infrastructure, expand roads, fix our emergency response and then build homes.

This all goes back to being PROACTIVE and not REACTIVE.

We need to take into consideration the problem of allowing more development where we have not taken the time to increase the infrastructure into consideration first.

My opponent has been in office for 4 years, Holly Williams has campaigned hard using roads as her primary issue, but have your roads gotten any better in the last 4 years?

The people's voice deserves to be heard and respected, so I ask again, "Are You Being Heard?"My #1 Rule

People over Politics!

If your current elected officials do not believe in putting People over Politics, then they are not putting America First! I am your America First Republican Candidate

How Can I Help?

THE TIME IS NOW: Ballots go out June 6


Spread the WORD- We need Commissioners who work for the PEOPLE over POLITICS.

  1. Post on Facebook that you are Voting for Lindsay Moore for CCD!

  2. Share our Facebook Page with all your friends!

  3. Forward this email with 10 of your Friends, you can also share this email on your Facebook!

  4. Donate! We have a comprehensive plan to make sure that every single voter knows how critical this election is, but we need your help!

We are in the process of launching numerous marketing campaigns and we are so close to our fundraising goals, but we need you! When the Ballots drop, you will begin hearing Lindsay on the radio and seeing her on your screens.

A Donation of $25 will help us reach an additional 1,000 people!

Help us Finish the Race!


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