• Lindsay Moore

I Will Call For The Removal Of Dominion

Restore F

aith in Our Elections

My name is Lindsay Moore, i'm a stateswoman not a politician, a military wife and fighter for your constitutional freedoms. I have been working tirelessly in El Paso County for the last 2 years. After our State and Commissioners shut our kids and our businesses down, I took it upon myself to take action. I have been Fighting at the school boards for our kids freedoms, at the Arizona Audit for our Nation's freedom, at the county level speaking out against vax and mask mandates and most recently at the State House for our State's freedom. I am Running for El Paso County Commissioner in District 1 AGAINST HOLLY WILLIAMS.

Remove Dominion Voting Systems.

Holly went to the HD14 Division meetings to promote herself and it did not end well. A few folks have reached out and expressed their disdain for her comments. Holly told a room full of over 40 people that she believes that the Dominion Machines are a good thing, would not get rid of them and continued to thwart the will of the people and their desire to remove them.

After trying to cover her tracks she then stated that 'WE" could not afford to get rid of the machines, and that a hand count would be more expensive. Personally, hand counting paper ballots at a precinct level with volunteers would not be more expensive than a multi million dollar contract that cheats voters.

Our Election Systems are THE ISSUE of the day. The people's voice have been taken from them. The ability to choose who they feel should rightfully represent them in the government has been completely compromised. The desire of the people to see, view or audit their own elections in Colorado have been completely thwarted at every turn and thus by so called "Republicans". Constitutionally the election and the votes of the people, belong to the people.Why then do we have so many elected officials in El Paso County who refuse to let the people fully audit their vote, or have access to THEIR elections systems to see what is Really going on?

Who are these "Anti-Republican Obstructors" that continue to tell us there is nothing to see here? Why are there so many elected officials in El Paso County with the same last name? Our elected offices are not a carousel for the family business. It is time for them to get off. Who do they work for? We the people? Or for their husbands? Who is in charge of your county? Elected Statesmen, or Obstructors looking to hold key positions and keep We the People out of the equation. So who is actually serving on the board of county commissioners? Holly or Wayne Williams?

Both Holly and Wayne Williams are being financially supported by elected positions in El Paso County. This is more than a conflict of interest, this is nepotism. Stop the nepotism. El Paso County is not a Family Business.StandwithTina.org has listed both the Mesa County Audit reports showing the massive amount of fraud occurring inside the machines, including the connectivity of 36 wireless devices to the internet. According to an audit/research done by USEIP and Col. Shawn Smith, preliminary analysis shows that hand counting paper ballots at the precinct level would cost 1/3 of the amount of money required to count votes. Machines, internet infrastructure and manpower to run said IT Departments are less cost effective than paper and PEN.


I WILL BE YOUR CHAMPION. I WILL NOT STOP FIGHTING FOR YOU! Standing on the SIDE of the People! I will protect your right to a Free and Fair Election! I will make sure every Valid, Legal Vote Counts! Make no mistake- I am one of you, I have every intention of working for you and coming to you with the issues of the day. This election cycle is critical, we are at the precipice, if we do not get the right folks, the true servants of the people into office, I fear we may fail completely.

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