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Questionable Commissioners

Representatives with Questionable Ethics

Lately there seems to be an epidemic of stories coming from Local entities who are watching our County Commissioners very closely. This should have plenty of us thinking, do our local elected officials have the Ethics to do the JOB? Are they misusing our tax payer money? Do our commissioners lack fiduciary responsibility?

Holly Williams was hired by you the tax payers to fix problems, has she fixed them or made them worse? It seems that Holly is not only misusing tax payer money, but allowing the use of our tax payer money on things that were never meant for El Paso County Citizens to pay for.

Read the below article and see for yourself how our Commissioners are spending our money:

Questionable County Commissioner Spending

Moreover, the local news media was informed Monday that the $10,000 in donations made to County Commissioners Holly Williams and Cami Bremer were illegal.

Why is it ok for HOLLY WILLIAMS to have illegal campaign donations made by a source that has recorded to only have $800 dollars on the books and donates $5000 to Holly's campaign? How is it that the local news media says nothing about this?

Why is the Secretary of State doing NOTHING about this and in fact is trying to dismiss this case?

Is it because WAYNE WILLIAMS is a Lawyer as well as a former Secretary of State and KNOWS how to BEND THE RULES FOR HIS WIFE?

One must ask the Questions:

Who exactly made these donations? Were there strings attached? Did Holly Williams and Cami Bremer know the two $5,000 donations were illegal when they received them and why did they wait 4 months to refund the money? Why also did they each refund an ADDITIONAL $2,500? They each wrote wrote checks on February 28, 2022 in the amount of $5,000 - this was the SAME day the complaint was filed with the SOS. Who informed them the complaint was filed? Was it Jena Griswold who wanted to tip off her best friend Wayne Williams?

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