• Lindsay Moore

SB22-153 Testimony: Centralized Voting


Yesterday was an unprecedented day in Colorado! SB22-153 was heard in the House, State, Civic and Military and Veterans Affairs Committee. This is the Bill that SOS Griswold is using to centralize voting power at the State Level and force local election officials to use ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES, thus stripping counties authority to oversee their own elections and removing local control from the hands of your local officials. Furthermore, the passage of SB22-153 will make it a FELONY to Audit your own election. As per state law: The Board of County Commissioners has a DUTY to supervise the conduct of general and special elections and is EXPECTED to consult and coordinate with the clerk and recorder. I spent over 4 hours waiting to testify for my allotted 3 minutes. There was a line of concerned citizens who spoke honestly and from the heart about how their local legislators do not listen to them, are concerned that their local elections were compromised and went on to say that NONE of the state level legislators listen to them either. One brave woman testified truthfully and directly when she stated: "We have an entire County full of elected officials who do not listen to the people." The words of this one brave woman echo so many I have heard around El Paso County.

It is MY NUMBER #1 JOB as your next elected County Commissioner to HONOR YOU and LISTEN to your concerns and take ACTION!



  • No more circumventing TABOR

  • No more NEPOTISM- money and contracts to friends

  • No more deceptive language on the ballot

  • NO MORE TAX INCREASES until we can find where our money is truly going.

My duty is to honor and respect YOU the PEOPLE. YOU ELECT me and I WILL SERVE YOU !!! SB-153 passed through committee and into appropriations. It will be heard on the State House Floor very soon. Please Stand with Me, Speak to your Local Legislators and URGE them to VOTE NO on SB 22-153

Your Republican Choice

I am your #1 Republican Choice for Commissioner District #1!

Where was Holly Williams yesterday? She wasn't at the Capitol testifying! She didn't even bother to call in to testify. It/s time to elect those who will fight for you, fight alongside you and prove that the words that are coming out of their mouth is not just the next campaign pitch!

I can't do this without you! I need your help!

Help me Fight for you!

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