• Lindsay Moore

Should Politics Be A Family Business?

El Paso County was once one of the most conservative counties in America, and is still conservative, but would you be able to tell anymore?

Take a look at the choices and stance of our current elected officials and see if your freedom is flowing freely?

Why has our 100% conservative board of County Commissioners taken so long to stand against the tyrannical abuse from the State Capitol?

Why are so many of our elected officials so politically ingrained?

El Paso County seems more like a family business than a government by and for the people!

Are you ready for El Paso County to take a stand?

It's time for our elected leaders to stand with the US, it's time for our elected officials to reflect WE THE PEOPLE.

We need you this Tuesday, Mar 1, 2022

I ask that you join me in working hard to elect True Conservatives in our County! Please consider becoming a delegate for Lindsay Moore for El Paso County in your local precinct!

Find Out What It Means To Be A Delegate

Why Lindsay? I believe it's time to make El Paso County Epic.

It starts with passion, not name recognition. Electing fighters who will be on the front lines, not in their office making policies that do not consider the hardworking Americans in El Paso County.

It starts with Integrity. Personal Integrity and the integrity of our election systems. Why do we keep telling the people of El Paso County there's "nothing to see here" in our election systems?

In the November 2021 Election our county sent our voting result numbers up to the secretary of state, who inflated the totals by 25% and posted them on the news channels, then pulled back by El Paso County and reposted with different numbers.

When asked "what happened" the people of El Paso County got a lot of finger-pointing in every direction, but no answers from our elected officials and a refusal to investigate.

It starts with spending your tax dollars in a way that betters the lives of everyone and puts you, the constituents back in charge.

In 2020 the El Paso County commissioners spent $500,000 renovating their chambers while at the same time shutting down your small businesses.

I'm ready to fight alongside you and stand with you. My Number one job is to serve the people.

Take a stand with me as I officially announce my campaign to be your next El Paso County Commissioner. District 1.

Do you want MOORE of the same?

Lindsay Moore for El Paso County Commissioner District 1

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