• Lindsay Moore

The Courage Required in El Paso County

On Wednesday, Rio Blanco County Commissioners voted to defund Dominion Voting Systems and several other counties are in the process of doing the same.

The response from the Democrats in terms of securing “election integrity” or more likely protecting their ability to influence the election will be brought to the Colorado Senate on Friday (SB-153).

A bill to change Colorado Statutes is making its way through the Senate and Holly Williams is standing firmly in support of Dominion Voting Machines.

A bill that will essentially take away powers from individual counties and force the use of machines.

It poses the question, why are the Democrats rushing to ensure these machines continue to be used, and why are our County Commissioners not rushing to take a stand and vote Dominion out?

This will be my first move in office, bringing forward a vote to eliminate Dominion Voting Machines.

When people guard something so near and dear to them like these machines, it’s for one of two reasons: either the decision is morally and ethically sound and backed by a deeply entrenched belief system, or the decision greatly threatens the establishment and security of one’s political power. I doubt the decision to not fight for the removal of Dominion has anything to do with the first reason.

How do I know this?

Because when Holly has been asked about the machines she had not defended their ability to create safe elections, she has not defended their accuracy, but has instead argued that money is the only reason to retain them. I am a proven fighter who has promised to stop at nothing to fight for the people of El Paso County. I am asking you to take a stand with me on Saturday and vote against political correctness, against nepotism, against those without the courage to stand for what is morally and ethically correct, and place your vote for Lindsay Moore for County Commissioner District 1. Let's Make El Paso County EPIC!

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