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URGENT Call To Action Tuesdays Board Of County Commissioners Meeting

You Be The Judge

On Tuesday, April 5th, El Paso County Board of County Commissioners is voting on whether or not to approve the Runbeck Contract. Wayne Williams has served as a Senior Advisor for Runbeck and his wife serves as a County Commissioner.

Many of the El Paso County Commissioners do not see this as a conflict of interest. Even Wayne himself didn't see it as a conflict of interest when he was chosen by Mesa County to run elections as they were in investigating Tina Peters.

CS Indy Reported on August 25, 2021:

"Williams also works as a senior advisor for Runbeck Election Systems, an Arizona-based company that has also been mentioned in election conspiracy circles, but does not foresee any conflicts of interest. 'That is a part-time job,' notes Williams. 'Runbeck provides ballot-printing and mailing. They also have processes that assist with signature verification, but they do not do any tabulation.'"

You be the judge though! Should Holly Williams recuse herself from tomorrows vote?

The company that Wayne served as a Senior Advisor with is the same company that El Paso County wants to use to print our ballots. Amidst the last 2 years of endless talk about election fraud, wouldn't El Paso County want to remove any and all hints of impropriety?

Even More....

A quick search of the County's Contract Procurement Website will show that they never even took this contract out for bid. Yet many in last weeks meeting tauted Runbeck as the most affordable provider.

How would anyone know if Runbeck is the cheapest provider if they didnt even bother to send out a Request for Proposals?

What Can You Do?

Come Join Me at Tuesday's Board Meeting

Tuesday, April 5th, 2022

198 S Cascade Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

9:00 AM

Make Your Voice Heard!

Talking Points:

1) There is a clear conflict of interest with Wayne Williams involvement with Runbeck Election Services.

Ask Holly Williams to Recuse Herself!

2) The Board has shown lack of fiduciary responsibility by not taking this contract out to bid.

Ask the Board submit a Request for Proposals to see out all available options for ballot printing!

3) All board conversations regarding Elections and Election Integrity should be done in a public setting and not behind closed doors in Executive Sessions.

Ask that the Board be transparent in the Election Process!

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